KMW Loaders

Hard-Working and Rugged

KMW loaders have a low profile, modern appearance, and are engineered for today’s tractors. Purchase base loader now and add features and attachments as your operation requires.

KMW Front-End Loader Features

In addition to specific features on individual models, all KMW front end loaders have these outstanding qualities you’ll appreciate:

  • Thick, high-strength materials used throughout all components
  • Purchase base loader now and add features and attachments as your operation requires
  • Replaceable steel wear bushings located at critical pivot points
  • Large radius side plates for modern appearance and improved strength
  • Heavy duty attachment linkages increase dump and rollback angles (Not Available on Model 1750)
  • Hydraulic oil supply hoses are routed inside boom arm
    • Increases operator’s visibility
    • Protects the hydraulic components
    • Enhances appearance
  • Grease fittings conveniently located for easy lubrication
  • Powder coat painted to match your tractor color
  • High quality cylinders
  • Reinforcement Doublers located in areas of high stress
  • Optional Solenoid operated comfort drive
    • Improves operator comfort
    • Reduces strain on tractor/loader frame
    • Increases productivity
    • Extends unit’s life
  • Optional single lever hydraulic disconnect
  • Optional loader valve with solenoid operated 3rd function
  • Optional 2 way hydraulic self-leveling (Not available on Model 1750)
    • Less wear points
    • Improved rollback angle
    • Low profile

KMW Front-End Loader Attachments

  • Grapples
    • Choose 4 or 6 tine — both have rugged 3/4″ tines and dual cylinders
  • Heavy duty buckets (Other bucket options are available. Consult KMW)
    • Available in 3 widths: 84″, 96″ & 102″
    • 3″ x 5″ upper box cross tube
    • 3/4″ x 6″ cutting edge
    • 4 heavy duty wear bars
    • Reinforced side plates
    • Grapple ready
  • Optional Grill Guards (Note: Model 1750 grill guard integrated into loader)
  • Pallet Forks
  • Bale Spears

Product Specifications122014401660175017601860
Tractor HP45-8060-11080-13090-180110-190140-255
Maximum Lift Height
to Pivot Point
Clearance with Bucket
Fully Dumped
Reach at Maximum Lift Height2′-2″3′-8″2′-8″3′-6″4′-2″2′
Dump Angle40°42°42°37°40°40°
Reach with Bucket on Ground6′-1″7′7′-5″7′-10″8′-5″8′-7″
Rollback Angle17°30°32°25°32°32°
Dig Depth5.5″4.75″4″4″3″3″
Lift Capacity to Maximum
Height at Pivot Point